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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Something about us:

Welcome to The Wellington Inn & Brewery, Russell Street, Hull, HU2 9AB
01482 329486
Licensees Richard & Janette Gant since 2004
Opening Hours:
Monday – Thursday 4.00 – 11.00, Friday and Saturday 12.00 – 12.00
Sunday 12.00 – 11.00
The Wellington Inn was built in 1861 and in 2011 the pub achieved its 150th year which coincided with the 7th Anniversary of our refurbishment and opening of the pub in 2004. This dual celebration was celebrated on Sunday 31st July 2011 with the launch of our Brewery on the premises.

The Wellington Inn offers a constantly changing choice of Real Ale from UK breweries as well as beers brewed on these premises, Real Ciders and Perry’s and Continental beers such as Erdinger (German), Bernard (Czech), St Louis Kriek (Belgian Cherry Beer) on draft complimented by a vast range of bottled beer from around the world on display in our unique walk in chiller.

To help you decide you can peruse the ‘chiller menu’ provided which gives you brief tasting notes and information about the styles of beer available. We also offer a varied choice of Whiskey, Rum, Vodka, Brandy, Gin and Liqueurs, and the choice doesn’t stop there as we also sell a comprehensive list of fruit drinks and soft drinks to delight the taste buds such as Victorian Lemonade and an old favourite Dandelion & Burdock. (Your designated driver always needs a decent drink!)

It has always been our aim to offer a variety of choices to our customers whether they are out to celebrate a special event, wanting to enjoy a social drink or desire culture or entertainment.
If that is what you are looking for you may be interested in some of our regular evening and afternoon events.
You may be interested in joining ‘The Wellington Inn’ Facebook Group to get up to date information.!/groups/149473358432939

On the 1st Sunday afternoon and the 3rd Monday evening of the month you can be entertained by the ‘Musical Folk Session’. This is an impromptu, unrehearsed acoustic folk music session where you can come along to listen or join in with a group of like minded musicians and singers. All the musicians who regularly come along from all over this area welcome newcomers so if you are curious just come along.

On alternate Tuesdays we have a Poker Night, (see monthly menu for dates and times). The poker games are for both people who can play already or who want to learn to play. It is an informal and friendly group of men and women who are eager to gain and share knowledge of the game and raise a small amount of money for local charities along the way. For a small amount of money you can ‘buy in’ to the game which will give you the chance to win a 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize of Wellington Inn drinks vouchers which you can spend in the pub as cash at any time. All the rules will be explained to you at the start of the evening and there is always an explanation sheet showing the various ‘poker hands’ available for beginners.

On Wednesday we have an ‘Intellectual Inquisition’ or ‘Quiz’! that starts at approx. 9.00p.m.
Every week we have a different volunteer Quiz Master who receives £10 in drinks vouchers to spend in the pub for taking the time and effort to set and host a quiz. Anyone is welcome to add their name to the list of quiz masters. Although the format is usually similar the content varies so it is always interesting and entertaining. Forty questions, ten of which are generally photographs that have a link and a £2 drinks voucher goes to the person who discovers the link. There is always a ‘spot prize question’ which any team member can answer, again gaining them a £2 drinks voucher. To encourage fair play we also have a team forfeit points system. We call a team ‘6 people’ so if you only have 2 people in your team you gain ½ point extra for each member you do not have in your team i.e. ½ x 4 = 2 extra points. If you have 7 members in your team you are deducted ½ point for the extra member in your team. This can and does make a big difference to the final scores. The winning team receives £16 in drinks vouchers and the team which comes 2nd to last receives £4 in drinks vouchers. If you would like to host a quiz you can arrange the questions into your own headings such as, topical, local interest, general knowledge etc. but it is always advisable to attend at least a couple of quizzes before volunteering so you can get to grips with the vast knowledge of our regular teams. Quiz answer sheets can be provided if you do not have the facility to print them.

On the 3rd Thursday evening of the month we host ‘Stripped’. This is an acoustic session organised by ‘Patrick’ our Hull College music professor. This session show cases local bands performing their own material. It can be anything from jazz to pop and well worth at least one visit. Usually three bands or single artists, it is always different and entertaining. If you have your own band and would like to play here at the ‘stripped’ night please contact Pat at

On the last Thursday of every month we are entertained by the ‘Big River Jazz Band’ these guys are fantastic. Imagine cruising down the Mississippi with a big band of musically articulate chaps playing all those tunes that you have heard a thousand times that provoke a memory of pleasure and contentment. Well that is how I think of it. It might not be your cup of tea but if it is come along and enjoy it!

Fridays and Saturdays are pretty much up to you. You can if you wish reserve a couple of tables for a party and bring a buffet along with you but please give us a bit of notice. You can even surprise your intended ‘special guest’ with banners and balloons if you wish just contact us a couple of weeks in advance and we will help as much as we can. We can accommodate a party during the week if you give us a bit of notice just leave your request with the staff.
If you would like to give a gift to someone and don’t know what to buy them why not give them a Wellington Inn ‘Gift Voucher’. You can purchase them at the bar for whatever value you request whether it is for a pint, a specific continental tipple or a fixed amount i.e. £5 or £10. 

We pride ourselves on being a community pub in a central location with a congenial atmosphere enhanced by our regular customers. Take a look at our monthly ‘News Menu’ for information about forthcoming events. Each year we hold events such as ‘Rovers v Hull FC‘ customers touch rugby challenge cup’ and at Easter the ‘Mystery History Hunt’ which is perfect for all the family.

So to our latest venture, the Brewery;
Well it has long been Richards’s ambition to install a brewery here at The Wellington Inn. Over the last few years it was a dream but after several months DIY, planning and reorganisation it became apparent that it would come to fruition. As a casual observer it may not seem much of a step from licensee to brewer but l can tell you, it has been a big challenge. The path has been strewn with compliance, technical education and regulations, but I am very proud of the end result.
Initially some extensive DIY took place in what was the kitchen/storeroom which is now the brewery and office. 
Finding suitable vessels was not the easiest task and although we were very pleased with them they had to undergo major surgery before they could be installed. This though gave us chance to sort out some of the administrative work and get the plumber and electrician on the job.
Unfortunately the snow stopped play for a couple of weeks which delayed the return of our brewing vessels. So there was a big sigh of relief when they returned gleaming and reconditioned.
On 23rd June our very own casks arrived and everything was starting to move a bit faster. So when we received notification from HM Revenue & Customs about Richard’s Certificate of Registration for the brewery we were given the green light to get the all the vital ingredients.
As always when you are trying really hard AND using new equipment for the first time you naturally come across a couple of stumbling blocks. Richard was not entirely happy with his first efforts but after making some adjustments and slight alterations to the brewing equipment he soldiered on.
With all this attention to detail going on in the brewery I turned my attention to working on a suitable pump clip to compliment the finished article. After discussions with Richard about prospective names for our initial brew and some design help from my son Neil we came up with: ‘1st Duke’ (Richard’s 1st beer). We feel that the pump clip encapsulates the pub from the red ceiling to the green marble bar and of cause the 1st Duke of Wellington himself.
You will also notice the small glass in the right corner showing the colour and a.b.v. of the beer.
On the 31st July 2011 we launched the brewery to an admiral group of  expectant punters who welcomed the ‘1st Duke’ just as much as I had hoped. ‘1st Duke’ is a soft copper coloured bitter, brewed with a combination of English hops and malts. It has a fruity aroma with a typically English malty taste combined with a dry hop bitter finish. At 3.7% a.b.v. it’s a true session beer.  
The brewery is now running well and 2 new beers have been brewed, ‘Wellesley Stout’ 4.4% and a blonde beer ‘Beau Douro’ 4.3%. 
If you are interested in the history of the pub and the surrounding area visit Paul Gibson’s website. Paul is a local historian who is a regular customer and very knowledgeable man.

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